• Store each jewelry piece separately in its original package or a jewelry box to avoid scratches on the crystals.
  • Use a soft lint free cloth to polish your jewelry frequently and remove tarnishing.
  • Remove your jewelry before direct contact with water, such as washing hands, swimming or using perfumes and products such as hairspray, cosmetic, soap or lotion, as this could cause damage to the metal plating and discoloration of the crystals.
  • Avoid performing strenuous exercise while wearing your jewelry piece.
  • Also do not wear them while using household cleaning products.
  • • Put on your jewelry last when dressing and take off first when undressing to avoid tangling.
  • Remove your jewelry before sleeping.
  • Avoid hard contact as it can cause surface damage or chipping of the crystals.
  • Check regularly for signs of wear and tear, especially on joints and clasps.
  • Stone settings could become loose over time especially if they have been hit against a hard surface or snagged on clothing.


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